Friday, September 17, 2010

If You Can See It - It's Not Faith

A lot of people would say that out of the all the 5 senses - 'Seeing' would be the most 'influential' and 'powerful' in terms of how we make decisions and go about how we pursue our lives.

Back when I was at film school, our Camera tutor, Editing tutor and Sound tutor would all tell us that 'Seeing' isn't everything'. We found out that it really didn't matter how amazing the video was, if the audio was bad, it would be perceived pretty.....umm bad...

Improvising a way to battle the wind by taping the boom mike to an umbrella ;) 

But I quickly realized, as a follower of Jesus Christ, that with Faith, the same rule applies - 'Seeing' isn't everything'...Which was something that God had always challenged me on...

In Hebrews 11:8, it says “By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going”. Can you imagine us going out and NOT KNOWING where we are going?

Welcome to the life of faith. There is only so much you can plan, discuss, strategise, and set up for, then you simply must take a step of faith and you will find out that you don't really have a clue where you are going - it really is one step at a time.

Just over 2 months ago I had the privilege to go on a all expense paid missions trip to the land of Vanuatu :) where I originally got asked to make a few videos and document the trip BUT then later also got asked to worship lead over there as well as put on workshops and help Matah Keru Church form a worship team. All I can say for now is that this took a whole heap of faith and in the end it payed off! , during that whole trip I defiantly experienced an overflow of God! .....God just wouldn't stop talking during my devotions.... (more from the trip will be shared in future posts! feel free to check out my videos )

"Know your ending!!" - Nick Ward 

...quoted by one of New Zealand's top scriptwriters, who told us that if we didn't pay attention to anything he said, is to make sure when you're writing a story, is to KNOW YOUR ENDING! ....If you believe in Christ, in the end, victory is yours ;)



  1. Wow Jade, Wow,and thank you for your timely message.

  2. Wow, awesome Jade. Some really cool and challenging thoughts! keep it up!

  3. You keep writing fantastic posts.
    And I can relate to this. Sort of. I certainly know that yes, if you know the ending, writing a story is mostly a piece of cake.
    Which is to say, mostly. Not all the time. But it works out in the end.
    And if you put it the way you did here...
    Well, that gives us a lot of hope. :-)

  4. Very nice man - keep them coming!