Friday, July 30, 2010

Story is King!

FIRST POST! (here goes...)
Film is the most effective medium in telling stories to a mass audience. It is what it is designed for.... The film industry is completely built on the art of telling good stories. 
When you combine good writing, good cast and good music, you create a world where every member of the audience is united into feeling the same emotion. I guess no other type of medium is as successful as film in providing its audience a way to explore a world through one characters perspective.
Story is King. That is Pixar's motto. Although they are the whizzes of 3D animation (the creators of my all time childhood animation - Toy Story), it isn't their advanced equipment that takes the crown, it's telling good stories.

But, time and time again I guess we tend to look up to the fancy new cameras/equipment/software as technology is rapidly changing and us as consumers I guess we keep falling into the trap of trying to match our lifestyles with it.
Randy Nelson (one of the senior exec's of Pixar) - "No amount of good technology can turn a bad story into a good story, and we just set out to tell a good story as well as we can."
Boom!      Story is King! :)