Saturday, August 21, 2010

Creative Planning Part 1

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" – Benjamin Franklin


It doesn’t always come naturally. It does require effort to find inspiration, in some ways it’s about finding your happy place. I'm not too sure about the theory that you wait to be inspired to do things. The reality of the media 
industry is you can either produce the goods or you can’t. No one is going to care that whether you are inspired or not.

That being said I guess it is important to stay on top of ideas and always have a few ideas stirring in the pot. 
What I get inspired by defiantly varies, and it can be from all sorts of places. It's all about getting 'into the zone' as some might say...

"wow...." - which I kept repeating over and over after watching 'Inception'. I was a watching an interview of the Writer/Director Chris Nolan, he said he had been trying to write/put together the story for 10years!! - Defiantly a must watch :D


A simple exercise that has the potential to do so much : 

Write down as many ideas as you can, it doesn’t cost you anything! Don’t worry if people say they are dumb. By gathering inspiration and ideas, you’re subconsciously building your own style of what you like and subsequently what kind of work you will eventually BE LIKE!

So make sure you jot down every single idea you have. Whatever you do, don’t judge them, just write them down, one thought could trigger another and then BOOM! you'll hopefully have something that will reel in other people's interest as well :)


  1. This is great advice, Jade. Later tonight I'm going to introduce your blog on my blog. I think people will be encouraged and blessed by a visit here. Good stuff, brother.

  2. Hey there! I am here from Jodi's blog...and any friend of Jodi's is a friend of mine (you have no choice).
    I must request though, if we are to be friends, that you promise to cast Jodi in a Hobbit-ish role. You see, I think of her with all things LOTR. The other night I was watching two towers, and I felt an overwhelming need to call her and scream, "THIS IS NO PLACE FOR A HOBBIT!"
    I didn't.
    So, this is my shout out...hobbit style. Thanks, for giving me this platform. I'm sorry, for taking up your blog to talk about hobbits. It is an encouraging blog, and I especially like your Character quote. I'm your newest follower.

  3. Hey JoAnn! :) thanks for visiting the blog!

    haha funny enough I actually know where you can send in your application to be a Hobbit/extra for the Hobbit :) The filming dates seem to keep delaying for various reasons but I'm hoping to be part of the production crew!

    Oh by the way - 'Yogi Bear' will be out in cinemas in Dec which was filmed in NZ and I got to be a part of :). I hope Hollywood continues to explore the land of the long white cloud!

    Jodi, you would be an awesome hobbit! :)


  4. Hi Jade,

    Stopping by from Jodi's's nice to meet you here. And I like your creative brainstorming idea -- very encouraging. Thanks!

  5. Great idea...just thinking in my head over all the stuff, and now I'm going to write it down. No telling what it's going to turn out like. Good stuff.
    I too am a friend of Jodi's. Just love that girl!
    So very glad to meet you, my son also plays the Guitar, and drums. Maybe you could play something for us sometime!!
    Great new blog...welcome to blogging!

  6. Another friend of Jodi's ... that popular gal ... and it's nice to meet you, Jade!

    Keep following the leading of God, brainstorm away (a good reminder), and we'll be waiting for your first film.

    Blogs are a great place to practice expression. Enjoy! :^)

  7. Hi Jade. Another friend of Jodi's welcoming you to blog world. Looking forward to seeing the films you make to the glory of God!

  8. Jade,
    I read about your blog through Jodi.

    Your right about inspiration! It is something I try really hard at and lately, I've got nothin!

    Glad to come across your blog. I'll be back...

  9. I'm here from Jodi's blog, as well...
    Yes, I like the ideas-jotting idea, too. It reminds me of what my former art teacher used to tell us, to keep our doodles, because they may turn out to be an inspiration for something bigger.
    I'm not really an artist anymore, but it works for crafts as well.

  10. Hey Jade!

    Thanks for the great post. A lot of times I don't write down my ideas because they always seem so dumb, but after reading your tips I think I probably should start to do it. :) Love the blog!